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I am a Director of Photography (DOP) with over 20 years experience in factual, documentary, branded content, corporate and drama reconstruction. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working on BAFTA Award-winning programs alongside renowned talents like Bear Grylls and Sir David Attenborough, and for the biggest streamers, networks, and blue-chip companies.

I'm highly experienced  working across the globe in challenging locations such as jungles, glaciers, deserts and mountains. By embracing these environments I am able to capture compelling and inspiring shots to meet and exceed the production goals. Equally I'm just as happy, shooting master interviews, for Feature docs, or corporate CEO's.

I am able to work independently, shooting footage without the need for a director whilst also recording high-quality sound. My diverse experience encompasses factual programming, drama reconstruction, capturing sequences for complex technical setups, observational documentaries, aerial shots from helicopters and drones, gimbal operation, interviews, utilizing green screens, operating Steadicams and covering live events.

Equipped with my own Sony FX9 camera kit and lighting equipment, I am fully prepared to handle a full spectrum of production requirements. My extended network of rental companies also enables me to provide competitive rates for any additional equipment required.

With my extensive background in the industry, coupled with a diverse skill set and quality equipment, I am confident in delivering exceptional visual storytelling for any project I undertake.


Documentary / Factual:

'The Fiennes: Return to the Wild' - Woodcut Media / Nat Geo Director Roslin Baine

‘DNA Family Secrets Revealed 3 with Stacey Dooley' - Minnow Films / BBC Director Brent Gundesen

'Lost Cities Revealed: with Albert Lin - Sudan’ Raw TV / Nat Geo / Disney+ Director Ali Smith

'Primal Survivor 9 - The Great Rift Valley’ Icon Films Nat Geo / Disney+ Director Martin Johnson

‘The Chernobyl Disaster’ Remarkable TV / Channel 5 Director Stuart Strickson

'Primal Survivor 8 - Crossing the Andes’ Icon Films Nat Geo / Disney+ Directors Ali Smith / Tilly Marshall

‘Primal Survivor 7 - The Mighty Mekong’ Icon Films Nat Geo / Disney+ Directors Laura Balfour / Stephen Shearman

‘How The Victorians Built Britain’ October Films / Channel 5 Director Stuart Strickson 

‘Primal Survivor 6 - Escape the Amazon’ Icon Films Nat Geo / Disney+ Directors Charlie Bingham / Tilly Marshall

‘Yellowstone Super Volcano’ Discovery+ / Wildflame Productions Director Rob Davis 

’10 Way the Victorian’s Built Britain’ October Films / Channel 5 Director Stuart Strickson 

‘The Silk Rail Road’ IFA Media / Discovery Asia Director Tuktaa Jatuporn Athasopha

‘Viking Warrior Women’ Wild Blue Media / Nat Geo Director Stuart Strickson

‘Puppy School’ Red Sky Productions / Channel 4 - Series Producer Michelle Coombes

‘Primal Survivor 4’ Icon Films / Nat Geo - Series Producer  Scott Tankard 

‘Hunting Legends’ Icon films / Travel Channel - Director Stephen Shearman (Recon only)

‘How the Silk Road was Made’ NHNZ / Nat Geo Director Stephen Shearman

‘Peter’s Great Railway Restoration’ Brown Bob / Channel 4 Series Producer Ed Booth

‘American Monsters’  Arrow TV / Discovery ID - Director Tom Lindley 

‘Bear Grylls - Absolute Wild China’ – Betty TV / Discovery – Series Producer Nick O’Mealy Series DOP

‘Bear Grylls Survival School 2’ – Potato / ITV – Series Producer Rob Sixsmith – Series DOP CHILDRENS’ BAFTA WINNER

‘River Monsters’ Icon Films / Animal Plant - Director Steve Shearman (Recon only)

‘World War II Mysteries’ – IFA Media / Nat Geo – Series Producer Dominic Young – Ep 3 & 4 DOP

‘Trailblazers’ – October Films / Discovery – Series Producer Nick O’Mealy – Series DOP

‘Man Vs Viral’ – Nerd TV / Nat Geo – Series Director Stephen Shearman – Series DOP

‘Experimental’ – Nerd TV / Channel 4 – Series Director Stephen Shearman – Series DOP

‘Bear Grylls Survival School’ – Potato / ITV – Series Producer Marshall Colwin – Series DOP 

‘Bear Grylls Running Wild’ – NBC – Various Eps Cam Op

‘Bear Grylls Breaking Point’ – Betty TV / Discovery – Series Producer Tom Sheahan Cam Op




‘Nike Brazil World cup kit Content Commercial’ – Rattling Stick –Director Yousef Eldin 

‘Reed Recruitment Advert’ – Tactful Cactus – John Addis

‘Starcrossed’ – Tacful Cactus – Director John Addis   

‘Fibresure Commercial’ Addiction Director - Wayne Chi Yipp

‘Nivea Promo Series 2’ Addiction Director  - Max Gardener

‘Tate Shots – Street Art’ Director - Tom Haine    

"I have worked with Ossian on many different productions over the years - I love working with him! He brings an amazing eye, attention to detail and dedication to your shoot. On top of all the stuff you expect: technical knowledge of the latest high-end equipment, and the ability to run his team efficiently - you can have a real conversation about the look and feel of your project. In short, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."


Stephen Shearman - Producer Director / Show Runner

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